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How to Get a Pre Approval Wells Fargo Credit Card?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

You are unable to obtain a pre-approval for a Wells Fargo credit card. The only method to determine if you've been pre-approved for a Wells Fargo credit card is to get a mail-in offer. If you receive such an offer, it indicates that Wells Fargo conducted a soft check into your credit history and decided that you would be a suitable candidate for the card they wrote you about. Pre-approval does not ensure that your application will be approved. However, it does imply that you have highly favorable odds.

If you received a pre-approval offer from Wells Fargo, it would include a unique code. To react, just navigate to the Wells Fargo credit card page, choose "Respond to an Offer," and input your promotional code.

Additionally, even if you have not gotten a pre-approval offer, you may assess your chances of success before submitting an application.

What you should know about pre-approval for a Wells Fargo Credit Card:

  • Wells Fargo will consider your credit history, income, and previous obligations to decide whether to accept you for a card. With WalletHub's free daily updates, you can keep track of your credit score.

  • Depending on your credit score, some cards may be out of reach. The® Credit Card, for example, demands exceptional credit (750+), whereas the Wells Fargo Platinum card requires a high credit score (700+).

  • Many of the most efficient ways to improve your chances of approval is to improve your credit score. Paying down your debt, making on-time monthly payments, and utilizing less of your available credit are all ways to do this. The personalized credit analysis from WalletHub will tell you precisely what you need to do.

  • Credit reallocation may help you acquire a new Wells Fargo credit card if you already have one. Reallocation allows you to transfer a portion of your credit limit from one Wells Fargo card to another. You won't be able to alter your overall credit limit, and it won't guarantee that you'll get a new card, but it can't harm you. Call (800) 642-4720 to inquire about credit reallocation.

There's no way to see if you've been pre-approved for a Wells Fargo credit card. However, if you know your credit score and the sort of card you desire, you should be able to estimate your odds of acceptance.

Pre Approval Wells Fargo Credit Card

Prequalification vs. preapproval at Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the few banks that doesn't provide prequalification as a means to see if you're qualified for a credit card without jeopardizing your credit score.

Wells Fargo instead sends out preapproved card offers to new customers. Preapproval is usually mentioned on the envelope, and these postal letters are only sent to persons the bank considers creditworthy.

Because Wells Fargo has previously reviewed your financial and credit history, you have a good chance of qualifying for these offers. The downside is that the one you're given might not be the greatest match for you among the available cards.

Taking advantage of the bank's preapproval

If you get a mailer promising credit card preapproval, go to the website specified on the letter and input the invitation code. You'll see the rates, fees, and other details of the card you're eligible for, which you can use to compare comparable cards from different banks or apply for right away.

Pre Approval Wells Fargo Credit Card

What to do to Prequalify for a Wells Fargo Credit Card

While you wait for a preapproval letter, do a quick review of your finances to see whether your credit history matches up with Wells Fargo cards:

  • One of the three main credit agencies will provide you with your credit report for free.

  • Look over your credit file and see where you stand – and what Wells Fargo sees.

  • To narrow down the Wells Fargo cards you could qualify for, look at the credit score criteria for each card in our table.

If your credit score is greater than the card's minimum, you have a better chance of getting approved. If your credit score isn't quite there, your total financial history may be more important in determining if you qualify. You may also choose a secured card, such as the Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card, which can let you advance to a better card by demonstrating prudent spending.

In any case, improving your credit score before applying for a Wells Fargo card is essential — or any other financial product — is a smart decision. Contact Elite Credit Solutions of Michigan today if you need help restoring your credit to a qualifying status.

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