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Your credit history determines the terms of credit granted, such as the interest rate you will pay. Your credit history affects much more than your ability to receive credit. Credit history can affect your ability to obtain a job, rent a place to live, and obtain utility services.


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law that regulates credit reporting agencies and compels them to insure the information they gather and distribute is a fair and accurate summary of a consumer's credit history. The law is intended to protect consumers from misinformation being used against them.


The option of buying something today and paying the money back over time, rather than having to wait. The flexibility to act on major purchases and life opportunities that may require more money than you have on hand right now, like buying a computer, or borrowing for college.



"Best Credit Repair Company Increasing Your Credit Score & Buying Power"

Since 2019, Elite Credit Solutions has been a leader in the industry as a credit repair detroit expert. Helping others reach their financial goals by providing credit repair services and educating them as a credit repair company. E.C.S provides a free credit audit to give clients a summary of their credit report. Bad credit will no longer stop you from being approved since that the "Elite Credit Hero" is ready to aid your low credit scores to good health. We are experts in debt settlement facilitating the greatest solutions on how to improve your credit for the best successful outcome! Our attentive approach has yield thriving results for our client's future.

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We Are More Than Just Another Detroit Credit Repair Company!

Although there are many credit repair companies in the Detroit area, Elite Credit Solutions is one of the most respected because they have been around for several years. During that time, dozens of clients from across Michigan and beyond have relied on us to help with any type of credit problem.

We are one of Detroit's top credit repair companies, and we take a unique approach to our clients' needs. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all credit repair. We work with our clients to build the plan that is best for them and their financial goals.

Is It Hard to Find a Credit Repair Company in Detroit?

We realize that life as a consumer in Detroit can be challenging, but we are here to help. Our team of expert consultants will strategize with you on how to approach your credit issues. Our goal is to help you get back on track quickly and easily by building your credit score in the right way for you.


Having credit issues might be the most stressful situation that someone can face. The credit score is the supreme goal for keeping your credit record free of derogatory marks or events that have affected credit scores in the past. However, the credit bureau has made it incredibly difficult for credit repair companies to help consumers with this issue by experiencing incredible obstacles when making disputes for credit reports. The credit bureau is winning the credit rating war, and credit repair companies find it increasingly difficult to help clients dispute credit information that they believe to be inaccurate.

Black Rock

We help credit consumers in Detroit, the surrounding areas, and across the country restore credit scores. We provide credit repair credit services to credit consumers who need credit solutions and credit identity corrections.

As top-rated credit repair experts specializing in helping Detroit residents establish credit and manage credit, credit card debt relief, credit score improvement, bankruptcy credit repair, and foreclosure credit repair.

Detroit is home to many people who need help with their credit history, credit identity, and credit reputation. They have been affected by foreclosures on homes or bad loans that have not been repaid to credit card companies.

We help client's bad credit improve through our credit management and credit repair services and develop strategies to help remove any negative items from their credit report.

What to Look for When Searching for the Best Credir Repair Companies

We've dedicated ourselves to credit repair and credit restoration because we believe credit is essential in today's society. Credit allows consumers to buy a car, house, or other necessities of life. Without credit, people face extreme hardship as they are denied the ability to have credit. Your credit report holds your credit information and can make or break you when applying for credit.


We know that it's important to you and your family to live debt-free, and credit score improvement may be one of the best things you can do for yourself right now. This is why we take specific steps to ensure your credit rehabilitation is done in a timely and efficient way. Our credit repair credit services come with a 100% trusted track record of proven results.

Why People Hire Us for Credit Repair Services?

Our credit repair specialists can work with you to eliminate credit card debt, credit problems, credit file damage, and credit score concerns. We provide credit services in Detroit and nationwide for those who need help improving their credit report or need credit solutions for bad credit issues.


Whether you're an individual whose credit has been damaged by bankruptcy or discrimination or a business that can't seem to get approved for those huge accounts, we will work hard to build credit for you, get credit cards approved for you, and fix your credit to improve credit scores.

The Best Credit Repair Companies Require Current Credit Reports for Disputing

A credit report is a history of everything credit-related that you have done during the last seven years on your credit. It includes credit accounts (mortgages, credit cards, etc.), credit inquiries (requests for your credit report from potential creditors), public records [such as bankruptcies and lawsuits], collection accounts, and credit scores.


Credit reports help credit card companies figure out how likely you are to pay back a credit card account by keeping track of credit transactions. When you use credit properly and pay your bills on time, your credit report will show it. Improper credit usage or not paying debts can greatly impact your credit scores.


When you apply for a loan or credit card, lenders use your credit report as evidence that you are good at managing your finances, which can be a deciding factor in approving credit cards or extending loans.

If you have credit cards, credit accounts, or credit debts that you cannot pay off every month, your credit report may show it. This will make it more difficult to get credit in the future and will hurt your credit score. If you want to increase your credit scores and improve your credit rating, credit repair credit services can help you.

Why Pay for Credit Restoration When I Can Repair My Credit Myself?

Credit repair credit services can help remove erroneous items from your report and improve the way you manage your credit.


Our Detroit Dispute Department is prepared to work with you to help restore good credit at any time. If you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, we will walk you through the process that will lead to restoring your good name and get you back on track.


If you are involved in a lawsuit or tax lien, we can help negotiate with the credit bureaus to have those items deleted. Dispute Department has years of experience resolving these types of issues and will work closely with you until any derogatory items are removed from your credit report.

Can Any Type of Credit Card Boost My Credit Score While Having Bad Credit?

With the interest rates on credit card accounts rising, some people take advantage of a little-known feature with many cards that allow them to dispute interest charges. This can be particularly beneficial for balances as low as $150, which may not be worth paying off via interest if it will take several months to do so.


The interest rates charged on credit cards vary significantly, depending upon the type of card and the interest rate offered by the lender. While some cards charge interest rates as high as 29%, others may offer interest rates starting at below 10%. Even when shopping for a card with low interest rates, it is important to pay close attention to other costs, interest rates on balance transfers and fees charged to open the account.


Imagine that you had $10,000 in credit card debt with an interest rate of 14.5%. Paying only the minimum monthly payment would take you over 22 years to pay off your balance and cost you more than $5,500 in interest alone!

If interest rates increase, it may be beneficial first to pay off the account with the highest interest rate. This will further reduce your interest costs and shorten the time on your debt repayment plan.


When interest rates decrease, you might want to pay off accounts with lower interest rates before closing them out. If interest rates go up in the future, you may not want to pay off interest-free accounts.


Furthermore, interest rates may be increasing for certain types of credit card balances and decreasing for others. Paying the account with a higher interest rate will save interest on any new balance that would otherwise incur interest charges in the future.

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